10 Steps to Becoming a Better Audio Engineer

Audio Engineer

10 Steps to Becoming a Better Audio Engineer

Experimentation is key, and knowledge is power, and there are also ways of becoming a better audio engineer. We have come up with the ten steps that you need to follow for you to be better in the section.

Be approachable

This is the first step as it deals with building relationships with the team that is on stage. You should learn to work in any context and know how to deal with your creative team. Be free to dialogue since your work is to give support whatever that is happening on the platform.

Do your preparations

Always be on the hunt for information about the service that you will give to people. You have to be familiar with the creative briefs, schedules for rehearsals, cast, artists and the run-sheets. You should also know how to translate information effectively to relevant technical information such as patch-lists, mic allocations, and console set-up.

Work on your communication skills

Communication is the key to success in any organization. In the same way, you should also learn how to interact and communicate with your team. Beyond the technical language, is the ability to have a conversation in a non-tech language. It is a great way to bridge differences and work well with others.

Be flexible

In the process of building the patch list, remember to have contingencies regarding additional lines and in-ear packs. Sometimes the direction of the service can change, and this can be a test to you. It is your role to find other alternatives solutions instead of trying to revert things to what they should have been.

Know your gear

Tools such as the in-ear systems and consoles can become a hindrance quickly especially when the competency is under par. Four you to become the best audio engineer, it is better to have increased knowledge about those tools and focus on the whole service. Do not concentrate on working on the consoles.

Know about the ever-changing technology

Technology keeps changing at any time. For you to be a good engineer, it is a good idea if you also expose yourself to these changes in technology. Technology is there to give service to anything that you are trying to achieve and help you meet your needs. Do not forget to know about the improvements that are done on the tools that you use.

Know how to edit audio

People overlook editing since they consider it as a tedious and a boring section of the whole process. It requires great skills for you to properly edit the audio and remove the extraneous noises as well as the creation of realistic fades. This is a section that you should not overlook since a song that is badly edited is a sign that one is an amateur producer. 

Have a good set up

You should know how sound behaves and travels in the room since it is key in understanding how to have a good sound into your microphone. Always know how to manage reflections, acoustical problems, and flutter echo. If you have a good setup, it means that you will have a creative and comfortable environment.

Learn about microphones

The step on knowing how the microphone functions is a crucial part in audio engineering. There are various types of microphones, each with its weaknesses and strengths. It is an invaluable skill to know how to select the right microphone as an engineer.

Be creative

Finally you should always be creative in your work creative covers from working with your team to meeting the needs of the customers. Try to come with new ideas to help you reach your goals as an engineer. Be innovative at all times in your work.

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